Slide into a comfortable tanning bed in the Pennington & Princeton, NJ area

Kick Back in One of Our Tanning Beds

Using a tanning bed is an easy way to get a touch of sun in winter. Come to Royal Tanning to relax and unwind while getting tan. All but one of our beds are made to be laid in. We do have one stand-up bed that you can stay in for a maximum of 10 minutes.

In addition to getting a tan, you'll also get a break from the hustle and bustle of your life. Come to our salon to:

Relax and unwind | Listen to soothing music | Get away from the sounds of the city

Call 609-559-5020 today to learn about the kind of tanning bed we use in Pennington, NJ & serving Princeton, NJ.

Pamper yourself with a trip to our tanning salon today

When you come to our tanning salon, we'll treat you like royalty. Indulge in high-end tanning lotion and our advanced tanning beds. All our beds have different levels. Level 5 has the maximum number of lamps possible. Our basic level caps out at 15 minutes of exposure.

Come to our tanning salon in Pennington, NJ now to catch some rays.