Enjoy our tried-and-tested tanning bed lotion in the Pennington & Princeton, NJ area

Use Our Lotion for Better Results

Taking care of your skin is a must. Royal Tanning offers tanning bed lotion that protects and nourishes your skin, giving your tan that extra wow factor. Our lotions are compatible with our beds, making them extra important to your tanning experience.

Different lotions vary in price, but we're sure we have a lotion that fits your budget. Some lotions are meant to be applied before you go into the tanning bed, but some are for after. We also offer balms to protect your lips.

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Make your tan last longer with our indoor tanning lotion

When you apply indoor tanning lotion before entering a tanning bed, you get better results and healthier, more beautiful skin. A lot of first-time tanning bed users think they don't need lotion, but just spend a few dollars for yourself to see better results.

Our lotions give you 50% faster tanning results. They also:

Lengthen the life of your tan | Moisturize your skin | Work with any skin type

Come to our tanning salon today to experience the effects of our indoor tanning lotion in Pennington & serving Princeton, NJ.